We’re excited to announce that Collect now has peer to peer data sharing capabilities, going one step ahead into the offline data collection world

Sounds cool? Let’s explore.

Collect now allows managers to send forms to other members of the team without having to connect to the internet.

How is this going to be useful for you?  

  • Allow your teams to stay updated in the remotest areas without internet
  • If you are a manger of the team, then you have the capability to update forms for your team members
  • No need to update your forms from the server

How to send forms?

  • Sending of forms is restricted to managers of a team.
  • Managers can select the team from the ‘Manage Teams’ option from ‘Settings’ menu to create a wireless connection where peers can connect and get forms.
  • Managers can also send forms to other managers of the team.


How to receive forms?

  • Team members can get the updated forms by tapping ‘Application Settings’ option in Settings menu under title ‘Receive forms from team’.
  • Members need to connect to a nearby manager’s wireless connection (automatically handled by collect app).


Stay tuned for more awesome updates from the world’s most resilient data collection tool.